Why We Started MYFIT

Why We Started MYFIT

When you start a business, you’re betting your time and money that the problem you’re trying to solve is meaningful enough. Not only that, you believe the problem is problematic enough that people will exchange their hard-earned money for. We feel that as the world is rapidly changing, so are human behaviours.

COVID has made us re-think the way we maintain our health (mental and physical) - it’s led to the rise of people working out from home. We’ve had to adapt to how we achieve our workout goals. Whether that’s growing muscle, toning or losing weight, amendments to our workout regimes have had to have been made. Many people have resorted to unbranded products from Amazon or Ebay, compromising quality for convenience.

Taking all this into consideration, we felt that we could put this right. By working closely with manufacturers around the world, as well as design teams in the UK, we’re working hard to bringing home workout products that reflect the hype in its product description. Our first product, the resistance band set has gone through a trial and error process since the start of the year to ensure it meets our customers standard, whilst being extremely price competitive.

As we press ahead with the launch of our resistance band sets, we are constantly innovating and iterating to provide the best products. It is our aim to bring good, low-cost home workout equipment to people around the world. To go that one step ahead, we’ve built digital products such as the MYFIT pwa app to ensure that our customer journey does not end at the checkout button. The app helps users to make the most of their bands by providing regularly updated workout videos. This is in part an effort to prevent our products from becoming a throw-away good. So far the feedback we've received has been amazing and we've got a developer on-board that will constantly be iterating to ensure the best user experience.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and look forward to adding value to your healthy lifestyle.